Big bang theorys Parent Child Relationship Discussion

Discussion of the Film Reflection Assignment

The film reflection, analyzing a film from the approved list, is the final vehicle for

demonstrating the knowledge you’ve gained from this course. Select 5 concepts that you

have not applied to a parent-child relationship in your previous assignments. These can

include concepts used previously and now could be applied to a different-aged child such

as a different stage in Erikson’s or Piaget’s theories. You have more space to

work on your analysis. Apply the same guidance I gave in the Article Analyses to this


This is not a film review. What you liked about the film or how it reminds you of

experiences you’ve had is not relevant to this assignment and only takes up space that

could be used for your analysis. Giving your opinion on how the parent is managing their

relationship is not an analysis. Using a concept such as House of Self to describe parenting

behaviors that support a child’s self-esteem and then comparing those with the parent

character in the film is what I’m looking for. After making the comparison, consider what

the effect on the child is now and how that might influence their future. This is an

objective report you are giving after observing a bit of this parent’s and child’s


Use the concepts you’ve selected to apply directly to the characters and their story. Use

quotes or scenes to support the links you are making between the film and the concept.

You will find most of these films on Netflix or Prime. Some are available on YouTube. There

may be one or two that have been removed from any site. You may have to rent the film.

Provide a brief overview of the film at the beginning of your paper. A paragraph should be

enough. Write it as though I’ve not seen the film, much like the description that you find on

theater websites.

For this discussion forum, share the film you are going to use and why you’d like to analyze

the particular parent-child relationship in the film. Which concepts are you thinking of


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The film reflection assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge gained from the course by analyzing a film from the approved list. Students are expected to select five concepts that they have not previously applied to a parent-child relationship in their assignments and use them to analyze the relationship portrayed in the film. The analysis should focus on linking the concepts directly to the characters and their story, using quotes or scenes to support the links made between the film and the concept.

This assignment is not a film review, and personal opinions or experiences are not relevant. It is an objective report on the observed parent-child relationship, using concepts such as Erikson’s or Piaget’s theories to describe parenting behaviors and their effects on the child. Students are expected to provide a brief overview of the film at the beginning of the paper and apply the same guidance given in the Article Analyses assignment.

Students can find the films on Netflix, Prime, or YouTube. They may have to rent some films, and a paragraph overview should be enough. For this discussion forum, students are expected to share the film they intend to use, the reason for choosing the particular parent-child relationship, and the concepts they are considering using.

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