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Currently, the hospital in which you work has implemented a new clinical practice that will reduce the amount of radiation to a child’s brain. The child enters the emergency room with a head injury and a Glasgow Coma Score of 14 or more, and the child is not vomiting. It has been asked that the physician not order a CT scan. To ensure that all physicians are in compliance with the practice, a report will need to be generated for the chief marketing officers at each facility. To generate the report, you are asked to create a data collection plan. Include the following criteria into your plan:

  1. Consider health informatics regulations and standards regarding the collection of personal data. Identify what data elements would be needed to pull the report from the electronic health record.
  2. Discuss theories that could be utilized when collecting data.
  3. Discuss the essential questions that you would ask in order to ensure that you are collecting the correct data. (Do they want the report to be on ongoing? Do they want just a single report?)
  4. Explain how the data collected will improve or influence the situation.
  5. Discuss how to protect the patient’s identity when doing reporting.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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In response to the hospital’s new clinical practice of reducing radiation exposure in children with head injuries, a data collection plan needs to be created to ensure physician compliance and generate a report for the chief marketing officers. As a medical professor, here is the plan that I would suggest.

1. Regarding the collection of personal data, it is essential to comply with health informatics regulations and standards to ensure the privacy and security of the patient’s personal data. The data elements required to generate the report from the electronic health record may include patient name, age, gender, Glasgow Coma Score, reason for the visit, vital signs, and treatment plan.

2. There are several theories that could be utilized when collecting data. One of the most prominent theories is the information processing theory, which involves the collection and interpretation of data to make decisions. Another useful theory is the nursing process theory, which involves five steps: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

3. To ensure that the correct data is being collected, it is crucial to ask the right questions. Examples of essential questions that should be asked include whether the report is to be ongoing or a one-time report. Also, it is important to consider the timeframe of the data collection, the intended audience of the report, and whether the data collected will be used for research purposes.

4. The data collected will help improve the situation by providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of the new clinical practice. The report generated from the data can be used to evaluate physician compliance, patient outcomes, and the overall impact of the clinical practice on the hospital.

5. Patient identity protection is a significant concern when reporting patient data. To ensure patient confidentiality, all data collected must be de-identified and anonymized before reporting. This involves removing the patient’s identifying information such as name, age, and any other personal details that could link their identity to the data collected.

The data collection plan is crucial to ensuring physician compliance with the new clinical practice, evaluating patient outcomes, and providing insights into the effectiveness of the practice. It is essential to follow health informatics regulations and standards, ask the right questions, and protect patient identities to create an effective data collection plan.

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