Assignment Guidelines The purpose of this assignment is to help

Assignment Guidelines 

The purpose of this assignment is to help students learn and understand how to analyze a work sample to understand where a child is developmentally along a continuum.

Videos of children creating a drawing work sample will be provided to students or the student can analyze a writing sample of a child in a child care setting.

Select one video.

After watching the video and studying the drawing produced by the child, analyze the drawing according to these guidelines:

Your analysis of the work sample should contain the following:

Video Link Used or Photo of Observation: __________________________

Type of sample: _______________________________________________

Stage:  ______________________________________________________

Rationale: In 3-5 complete sentences, explain why you selected this stage.  Include specific examples from the drawing or video itself. (For example, if you select the scribble stage, you might say, “The child used his whole arm to make marks on the page, and made marks all over the page, but he did not name the marks he made.”)

Due Date

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