Assignment Description: In this assignment, students demonstrate their ability to

Assignment Description: In this assignment, students demonstrate their ability to reflexively conceptualize a research project to answer a research question of significance to the student and their interview participants. The proposal includes:

  • Statement of Research Question
  • Statement on Researcher Reflexivity
  • Statement on and Assessment of Research Participant Recruiting
  • Self-Assessment of Data Collection Planning
  • Interview Guide:
    • The interview guide includes:
      • main interview questions
        • The main interview questions are stated in full sentences – exactly as the student plan to introduce the questions to their interviewees. The interview questions are carefully constructed and worded too well, demonstrating that the student has drafted and redrafted them revising them to make certain they are not too direct, too closed, or too loaded, and has practiced the questions on someone else who provided advice on the level of difficulty and tone.
      • prompts and probes for each main interview question
        • Prompts and probes are included for each main interview question. The prompts and probes encourage participants to open up, expand on their answers, and provide more detail.
      • annotation for each main interview question.
        • An annotation is included for each primary interview question. Each annotation identifies the question’s type (e.g., opening, intermediate, closing question), the rationale for the sequencing of the question, how the question would help the student answer their research question, how the student would feel if asked this question, and why the question is likely to be meaningful to the student’s interview participants.

Topic: female “biological” clock

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