Assignment 3 Individual CS 120/121 Objectives: 1. Produce a persuasive

 Assignment 3 Individual CS 120/121 Objectives: 1. Produce a persuasive research paper from the outline developed in Assignment 2 2. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to share your topic, findings and conclusion. In this assignment, you will use everything that you have created in Assignments 1 and 2 to produce a cohesive and well-written paper, which clearly conveys your research topic and supporting evidence to your readers. Your paper should include a detailed analysis of research found, including explanations of statistics and the methodology/techniques of studies that you include as support for your position. Final paper should include a visual aid that provides supplemental information (tables, charts, graphs, figures, etc). Explain how the visual you included helps support your position. In addition, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation to share your research topic, position and supporting evidence with the class. Your slides should be readable, well designed to catch the audience’s attention, and include the main points of your research topic. Due date: Refer to Important dates document on Portal Infolit tutorial 7 must be completed prior to the submission of the individual portion (submission link may vary for different instructors). There may be a penalty for non-completion, so be sure to ask your professor about this in class. 1 Directions: 1. Start with the title of your paper. 2. Write your complete paper (you can use your full-sentence outline from A2 to guide you). • Include your thesis statement and introduction of your topic. • Include at least one object o An object can be a table, figure, graph or chart – with an explanation of how it is related to your research. 3. Create a bibliography for your sources using EndNote (in APA 7th edition format). All sources are created using EndNote. DO NOT copy and paste, must import from EndNote. 4. Include at least one properly formatted footnote in your paper. (Note: footnotes are not for citation – APA 7th follows in-text citation methods, but are for providing additional information. Example: You are citing the results of a research study in support of your position, a footnote can be used to provide background information on the study such as sample size, duration, any controls or variables, etc. that may help enhance your reader’s understanding of the methodology of the researchers who conducted the study) 5. Write student biography Include a photograph 6. Develop PowerPoint slides for your presentation Microsoft Word Document Requirements: • Name the document: o a3-ind-group-##-name.docx ▪ Replace ## with your group’s number ▪ Replace name with your name • Include o Your name o Professor’s name o CRN number o Group number • Write complete research paper – follow content requirements above and the formatting instructions below • Line spacing: single spaced • Margins: 1 inch all around • Paragraph style: justified • Font type: Times New Roman • Font size: 12pt • All sources are created and imported from EndNote • You should submit your individual draft through SafeAssign on Blackboard. This is a program that checks for plagiarism and helps students learn to properly attribute sources. This submission is mandatory. 2 Microsoft PowerPoint Requirements: • Name the PowerPoint: o a3-ind-group-##-name.pptx ▪ Replace ## with your group’s number ▪ Replace name with your name • Include o Your name o Professor’s name o CRN number o Group number • Information to include: o Slides of the research project supported by evidence o Include at least one visual aid (table, chart, graph, figure, etc) and explain how it is related to your research topic o Include your student biography with a picture 

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