Assigment 1 INSTRUCTIONS: What are Employers Seeking? This may help give context to

Assigment 1


  1. What are Employers Seeking? This may help give context to the assignment. Visit a career postings website such as (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) Find a position that interests you.  You may not be qualified today due to experience or an advanced degree required.  It is more important that the ad indicates the position will use Critical Thinking/Problem Solving and being able to demonstrate the skill will be an asset in landing the position.  
  2. Use the ad as the basis of addressing this assignment in this module.  This will not be submitted with your assignment but may give you content in developing your Elevator speech.
  3.  Construct an Elevator Speech about your mastering of this skill using the Core Argument model.  
    (30-45 seconds or 75-125 words) Find Help Here
    For this assignment, you will need to map out your statement on the attached form.
    Submit on this form 
    • The basis of your elevator speech should be couched in
    • The Skill: Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems.
    • The prompt for this assignment is in anticipation of a future employer asking: 
    • “Tell me about your Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills” 

“It’s called an “elevator pitch” or “speech,” but it could also be referred to as the “water cooler speech,” the “cocktail party speech,” or the standard blurb you use at your family get-togethers. When time is limiting (e.g., an elevator ride), it helps to have a  . . . summary of exactly what it is that you do and how you, as an individual, are contributing to your respective field.” < >

Some websites that may also assist you:

Assigment 2 (assignment 1 will help you do this one)


  1. Use the employment ad you reviewed for your Elevator Speech as the basis of the assignment in this module.
  2. Develop Your Story in a one-page essay.  The essay should demonstrate and expand on your mastery of the skill and include:
    • The Skill: The individual is able to obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data in this process, and may demonstrate originality and inventiveness.

At an interview, you will catch their attention with the elevator speech but you will need more for when they ask, 

“Yes, excellent, tell me more.”

Now is the time to share your story. This material is less memorized but should be reviewed before your interview.

Build this larger one-page essay explaining how you have developed, mastered, and used Critical Thinking/Problem Solving in a real-life example.

Submit on this form Demonstrating_the_Critical_Thinking_Skill.docx

  1. What is at the core of what you do, and why do you do it?
  2. Tell the story of you, use examples, share data.
  3. What might stand in the way of your success
  4. Demonstrate hope for future progress and the ability of the listener to influence the outcome
  5. Understand that the story should matter to both the teller and the listener.

Some websites that may assist you:

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