Ashley is having lunch with a group of her friends. Each of Nursing Assignment Help

Ashley is having lunch with a group of her friends. Each of them works in a healthcare setting. Today they are discussing their supervisors:

MICHELLE is a Pharmacy Technician: “My boss is an autocratic leader! She’s always telling me what to do and when to do it. She expects me to be an expert on everything, from medications and insurance to software and even the handbook. She is always watching my time on the clock. In fact, I have to be back to work in 20 minutes. I am always stressed at work, thanks to my boss! See you later!”

MATTHEW is a Customer Care Advocate at an insurance company: “My boss is great, but he sure does keep me busy! He has a very participative leadership style. He is always asking the team for their input, and makes me feel part of the team. He asks me to attend weekly meetings with the on-site staff. He’s even talking about bringing in new software and letting me try it first. He really seems to care about my opinion.”

JENNIFER is a Medical Records Help Desk Specialist: “Well my boss is pretty laid-back. She’s a typical free-reign leader. She doesn’t really lead us; I feel like I am on my own. It seems like she trusts us enough to do our job, and she told me to take an extra hour for lunch today and said I could make it up some other time.”

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

Respond to the following prompts in your initial post:

  1. Imagine you work for MICHELLE’S boss. Explain how you would adapt with being stressed at work.
  2. Imagine you work for MATTHEW’S boss. Explain the steps you would take to build a successful team.
  3. Imagine you work for JENNIFER’S boss. Explain how you would develop your leadership skills.

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