AMD Nurses to Provide Quality Care to Their Patients Discussion

Describe one internal and one external method for the dissemination of your EBP project results. For
example, an internal method may be the hospital board, and an external method may be a professional
nursing organization. Discuss why it is important to report your results to both of these groups. How will your
communication strategies change for each group?

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AMD Nurses to Provide Quality Care to Their Patients Discussion

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Dissemination of research findings is a crucial step in the evidence-based practice (EBP) process. It allows for the sharing of knowledge, the promotion of best practices, and the overall advancement of healthcare. As a medical professor, I believe in the importance of disseminating the results of EBP projects to both internal and external groups to ensure the widest possible impact. This involves selecting appropriate communication strategies tailored to the specific needs and interests of each group. In this response, I will describe one internal and one external method for disseminating EBP project results and discuss the reasons for reporting to both groups, as well as the differences in communication strategies.

Internal Method: Hospital Board
The hospital board represents a key internal stakeholder group with decision-making authority and influence over healthcare operations and policies. Disseminating EBP project results to the hospital board is crucial because it allows them to make informed decisions, allocate resources appropriately, and implement evidence-based interventions. The hospital board has a vested interest in understanding the impact of EBP on patient outcomes, quality improvement, and cost-effectiveness.

Communication Strategies: When communicating with the hospital board, it is important to present concise and clear summaries of the EBP project results, focusing on key findings and their implications for clinical practice and healthcare management. The language used should be non-technical and easily understandable to individuals without a medical or research background. Visual aids, such as graphs or infographics, can help to simplify complex information and enhance comprehension. Additionally, providing a strong rationale for the project and emphasizing the potential benefits to patient care and organizational performance can increase the board’s engagement and support.

External Method: Professional Nursing Organization
A professional nursing organization serves as an external stakeholder group that champions evidence-based nursing practice, facilitates professional development, and advocates for quality healthcare. Disseminating EBP project results to such organizations is important because it allows for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the promotion of best practices within the nursing community. Professional nursing organizations can also help disseminate the findings to a wider audience, including nursing educators, practitioners, and policymakers.

Communication Strategies: When communicating with a professional nursing organization, it is essential to tailor the language and presentation of the research findings to suit the audience’s level of expertise and professional interests. While maintaining scientific rigor, the use of nursing terminology and concepts should be more prominent, allowing for a deeper understanding of the project’s implications for nursing practice. Emphasizing the practical applications of the results and highlighting how they contribute to the professional growth and development of nurses can be especially appealing to this group. Utilizing platforms such as conferences, seminars, webinars, or publications specific to the nursing field can enhance the reach and impact of the dissemination efforts.

In conclusion, reporting the results of EBP projects to both internal and external groups, such as the hospital board and professional nursing organizations, is important for maximizing the impact and applicability of the findings. While the hospital board focuses on decision-making and resource allocation within the organization, professional nursing organizations facilitate knowledge sharing, professional development, and advocacy at a broader level. By adapting communication strategies to the specific needs and interests of each group, researchers can effectively deliver their findings, promote evidence-based practice, and contribute to the improvement of healthcare outcomes.

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