ADHE329: Assignment 1- Program Plan Proposal

This assignment addresses the topics and themes that you have considered for the first half of the course, and it informs the program plan that are developing throughout this course. 

This assignment takes the form of a proposal. So, in other words, you will make a pitch for your program. In your assignment, you have to identify to whom you would address your pitch. That is, who would be in a position to approve it. 

This proposal establishes the subject and nature of your short program. It must include the following Sections:

a one to two paragraph introduction declaring your idea for a program and its fundamental need

the organizational context 

a proposal for the format for the program, including scope, duration, location

identification and description of your target learner group

notes on what kind of needs assessment you would conduct

a set of program goals (1-3 goal statements will do)

a justification for the program based on its connection to adult education and contribution to society

Some requirements:

Your assignment should be 600-900 words, not including references. 

Your assignment must be submitted by the deadline, unless you have contacted me ahead of time to request an extension with a valid reason (not: I’ve been really busy). Failure to submit on time will result in a reduction in the grade of 2 points per day until the assignment is no longer available. 

You must follow APA or a recognized academic writing style to demonstrate your use of references and citations.

You must inform your ideas with valid positions and research from the literature, both in the field of adult education and from the discipline of your program idea. 

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