1 Explain what is meant by “right to personal privacy”

1 Explain what is meant by “right to personal privacy” and provide an example of a landmark case that made privacy a constitutional right.

2 Examine two well-known healthcare quality organizations and state two measures the organization promotes to improve quality within healthcare organizations. Justify the importance of these measures in your response.

3, What two new concepts or skills have you learned in (Health care policy and law) and want to develop further?

  • Describe a concept from this course that you have applied or will apply in the workplace.
  • What business concept was most challenging in the course, and how did you overcome that challenge?
  • How have you grown personally and/or professionally through this course?

4 Reflect on how practicing your initiative skill in this course has made you a stronger communicator.

Then, provide specific examples for how you have taken initiative in one of the areas below and explain how it has improved your communication in that area.

  1. Collaborating with others.
  2. Addressing interpersonal conflict.
  3. Presenting an articulate argument.

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