· 30 plan each with each SIRP for a progress note of 10 cases for all the kids listed below with names, diagnostics and ages…Please make notes for

· 30 plan each with each SIRP for a progress note of 10 cases for all the kids listed below with names, diagnostics and ages…Please make notes for all cases according to each kids individual medical reasons make believe of conversations between kids and social worker for each sessions after visiting the kids.

· Below is a list of patients and sample guide on how conversations should be for each visit of the kids individually. PLEASE!!!! Do not rework sample Note use your own constructive word for this assignment.

· There is a sample Note also of first visit with patient


1. Use the names, ages and treatments plan listed for each kid on individual notes.

2. All notes should have reason for each visit-

3. State conversations based on the worries of each kid according to their diagnostics on how they react or deal with their mental health during the visit on their day to day lives. Also, parents should be included or guidian.

4. Response provided to the kids based on their worries after conversations with the kids and parents.

5. Provide Solution as a social worker to help them manage their worries and diagnostics on their day-to-day activities.

6. Make plans and give advice on how to manage their emotions and give advice on how to deal with their illness.

· Please Use. (SIRP) Ideas notes for social workers to organize the visit.

· The social worker’s or CSW session should have Goals for each kid.

· Objectives from each session

· 3 Intervention from each visit to the kids.

· Response from each session during social workers visit to see the kids

· Progress from each session and what to expect for next follow up.

(Joy, Mary, Stella, James. Skile, Moses, Lawrence, Ikeh, Mike, Pam, James)

James- adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood (5years old)●

CSW will teach James’s problem-solving skills, enhance listening, enhancing responding appropriately to
redirections, communication, enhance family support and identify emotions without aggression. CSW will use
modeling, role playing, behavioral rehearsal, mindfulness to assist James will managing emotions and making
better choices.

Peter – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type

Joy- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined (6years old) Joy will learn to manage her impulses. Objective(s) 1: Joy will learn 2 ways to express her thoughts and manage her impulses at home, school, and in the community daily.

Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder

Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder (7yrs old)

Ikeh – Generalized anxiety disorder (6yrs old)

Lawrence- anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition. And Lowself esteem and does bad in grammar and reading (11yrs old)

Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition .and Anger,lowself esteem,lacks motivation (13yrs old)

Skile- Adjustment disorder with depressed mood, and Low self esteem and dad’s absence (11 yrs old)

James Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder Anger , and behavior problem (11yrs old)

Stella Diagnostics- 1  Generalized anxiety disorder (9yrs old)

Diagnostics  Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition.(6yrs old)

Joy-Treatment plan ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type

Joy’s Treatment Plan●
Goal(s) 1: Paul will strengthen positive behaviors while reducing negative behaviors.
Objective(s) Paul will learn 2 ways to manage her behaviors and implement strategies daily

Objective(s) 2: paul will learn 2 ways to heal from her previous trauma and implement daily to assist with
emotional regulation at home, school, and in the community over the next

Intervention(s) 1:
CSW will build a trusting relationship with paul

Intervention(s) 2:
CSW will educate and teach Paul anger management skills to implement daily and to assist her with managing
his fears.

Intervention(s) 3:
CSW will educate and teach paul coping skills to manage his behavior, mindfulness skills, breathing, coping
skills, and journaling. CSW will obtain feedback from paul’s home and school for his progression of mastery of

Intervention(s) 4:
CSW will provide Paul’s family support with his academic needs and provide resources,
for Joy and her family with learning to enhance her overall behavior


The goal was to create an alliance with MRS Dan Reggie Paul’s mom to connect with paul However,
to gathered information from his parents about his behavior.
CSW called Ms. Dan for the first time through her number 200-65000 for the session via telephone.
CSW introduced herself as a Community Support Worker from Lands lake, and I explained to her my description and responsibilities as a CSW.
CSW informed Mom of the privacy and protection rights under HIPPA guidelines and regulations.
CSW established the guidelines of each meeting as well as the frequencies and durations. Ms. Dawn gave verbal
consent to this call.
Paul expressed his feelings and concerns, CSW validated his emotions and assured him that it was okay to feel
overwhelmed at times.

Interventions Provided
CSW and Paul’s Mom reviewed his treatment plan. CSW inquired from mom the state of his mental health
diagnostics and other related issues affecting his daily activities. CSW listened to his Mon on how she described
Paul’s challenges of his hyperactivity. I collaborated on ways to reduce his triggers. CSW asked Paul’s mom to
make a list of his anxiety symptoms.

Interventions Provided
CSW taught mom coping skills on sleep habits and reading. CSW will teach Paul problem solving and communication skills to help him respond appropriately to redirections.
CSW also asked mom about his school punctuality and performance.

Consumer Response
Paul’s Mom showed interest in the session. However, his mom promised to be effective in her parental role to helpher son.
CSW encouraged mom to engage Paul on coping strategies to help keep him attentive. Paul’s Mom was relieved to share Paul’s struggles with me. She seemed more hopeful and motivated to try out the coping
strategies discussed during our session.

FollowUp Plan
CSW scheduled a follow up with Giovanni to establish a thorough and well coordinated plan that meets his needs and
monitor his progress as needed.


Goals: Help track progress on how Paul has been managing his symptoms and practicing coping strategies.

Interventions Provided
CSW asked Paul about his progress, and how the strategies has helped him. CSW also discussed with Ms Dan the
changes that was observed in Paul’s implementation of the approaches.
CSW examined Paul’s treatment plan, and Mrs. Regie explained Paul’s mental illness, physical condition, and daily
concerns like, anger and hyperactivity which causes triggers. CSW request was identified and discussed with Mom.

Interventions Provided
CSW explained to Paul that it is crucial to practice anger management skills especially in situations where he is not
treated right either in school, home or community. CSW taught paul how to walk away from bad situations or take a
deep breath.
CSW taught paul age appropriate stress management skills by exhibiting positive habits, relaxation, self-esteems, and
motivation which are very crucial..

Interventions Provided
CSW discussed identifying triggers, mindfulness, and replace anger by inducing self talk which will ease anger. CSW
and paul explored healthy ways to express his emotions when feeling angry.. CSW advised paul on how to exercise
patience and deal with a situation in a more appropriate way.
CSW and paul’s mom went through each item and mom identified the areas that paul needed more help such as
learning how to keep calm and relax.
CSW advised mom to create a safe space for paul to help keep him calm.

Consumer Response

Mom acknowledged paul’s troubles and accepted advice. Mrs.Reggie was optimistic with the look on her face, and
willing to apply the coping methods to manage paul’s behavior.
Mom understood paul needed regular support to help him manage his behaviors and emotions. Mom was happy with the successful completion of the session. Paul appeared a little disturbed and did not want to move away from his mother throughout the session. Mom agreed that Paul’s TV addiction kept him from going to bed on time. CSW underlined the importance of a regular nightly routine for better sleep and maybe reducing anxiety.

FollowUp Plan

CSW committed to having more sessions with paul to maintain and establish a thorough and well coordinated plan that
meets his neeed


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